Welcome to RichCraft

Coaching with a Touch of Magic

RichCraft was founded by full-time Professional Voiceover actor, Tanya Rich.

Tanya Rich has been a top full time professional voiceover for over 30 years, and coaching for over 20. RichCraft trained voiceover artistes can be heard all over the globe, on every kind of media platform.

Her desire to make YOU the best voiceover you can possibly be is borderline fanatical.

She has a blazingly honest devotion to making the voiceover world a better one and has a biblical knowledge of the Commercial, Corporate, Animation, Drama, Character, E-learning, Narration and IVR/On hold sectors.

As part of your RichCraft training, you will also have the opportunity to work with Alicia King, Bob Lawrence and Greg Marston. Although they all teach the coveted RichCraft method, they each bring their own experience and teaching style to the sessions. This gives students a diverse and well rounded coaching experience. 

Tanya is not so much a 'vocal coach' but a 'vocal Juggernaut' with a brick on the pedal.

RichCraft has an extensive minion network across the globe of fellow Voiceovers, Professional Recording Studios, Voiceover Agencies, Producers, Guest Teachers, Script Writers and Casting Agents at its disposal, all ready to support you on your voiceover journey.

We know that your coaching needs are as unique as you are.

One size does not fit all. You’ll receive honest, straight-talking and bespoke advice throughout. This no-nonsense approach won’t waste your time or money. As a RichCraft student, you will only produce a demo showreel when you are skilled enough to work independently as a Professional VO. You’ll experience what it takes to thrive in the real world of voiceovers and even what it’s like to be directed by award winning producers.

Problems with Your Plosives?

Problems with your plosives video:

Having problems with your P’s?! Don’t solely rely on a pop shield to protect your mic and recording quality from plosive consonants. Having to edit harsh plosive sounds can affect the quality and flow of your recording. Try this technique to prevent or soften plosives.

RichCraft has a unique approach
to teaching voiceover

This comes from a combination of natural talent, hard work and years of working on various projects from diverse clients worldwide. 

Whether you are a novice or a professional, Tanya and her team’s undivided one-on-one coaching will push your skills and talent forward.

If you’d like YOUR voice to charge out from the crowd then prepare to challenge yourself and unlock your true potential with RichCraft.