Me and my team

Tanya Rich

Voiceover, Coach, Mentor

Tanya Rich has 2 ALAM qualifications (Associate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic art – LAMDA) – In drama performance and prose and an LLAM (Licentiate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic art – LAMDA). She also has 30 years of experience working within the voice over industry. Tanya is one of the rare voice coaches who actually works in all elements of the industry every single day! 

Her coaching methods bring out the best in all her students. She doesn’t do podcasts or pre-recorded courses, just bespoke coaching based on your individual skills/needs. This gets the best results and her ‘learning tools’ have to be seen to be believed!

She is also a jobbing voice over artist who has been in the business for over 30 years.

In 2012 she was asked to develop a course module for BA Acting students at Bath Spa University. The module ‘Acting for Microphone’ is taught to third year students annually. It encompasses commercial and corporate voice over, acted monologue for radio, as well as radio drama. In week 7, students get the opportunity to work in a professional foley studio to record where Tanya directs and assesses their final voice reel. This is a marked module and goes towards part of their final degree.

Potential RichCraft students are auditioned before they begin training with Tanya, as she believes in only working with people that have true potential in the industry. She is very honest and doesn’t set you up to fail.

Most of her private students now work in various areas of the VO industry. If you ‘have what it takes’ she will teach you, improve your delivery, and help you put together your demo, as well as as well as advise you on all aspects of the industry.

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No man is an island and neither is Tanya Rich. But if she lived on one, she would definitely be helped by her merry band of fellow, friendly, fun islanders.

Alicia Pollard

Voiceover coach

Alicia keeps things ticking over here at Rich Mansions and stops Tanya from drowning in a sea of paperwork. She is also our chief rib-tickler, top handwriting analyst and all around good-time girl!

Alicia has also been training with Tanya over the last year and has now joined the coaching team. She received a first class honours degree in Acting from Bath Spa university, which is where she first started working with Tanya. She will help students that are new to voiceover to kick their bad voice habits and master the voiceover basics.

An Irish Accent, Spreadsheets, Sauvignon.

Cooked Carrots, Lawnmowers, green scourer pads.

Eamon Haughian

Vocal Coach
Eamon trained as a professional actor at East 15 Acting School, and specialised in Voice on the MA Voice Studies course at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. He has worked as a freelance voice coach for professional theatre companies like the Royal Shakespeare Company. He has also worked as a freelance voice and text tutor at a number of conservatoire actor training programs, including the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, Italia Conti, and the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.
While continuing to work as a freelance voice coach for private clients, Eamon is currently a Senior Lecturer of Voice on the BA Acting course at Bath Spa University.

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Eddie Delag

Sound engineer, Writer, Showreel wizard

EDsound is a bespoke showreel producer and broadcast production specialist. Every aspect, from script creation to the final mix, is designed to get the best results. Nothing is off-the-shelf and no corners are cut. EDsound has over 20 years’ experience in broadcast media and uses the knowledge gained to achieve very consistent and high quality sound.

Gin, Cake, Gin Flavoured Cake

Talented People, Festival Toilets, Running out of Gin.

Caspar Browne

IVR showreel producer

Caspar is an audio producer, specialising in VO & soundscapes. He began his audio career in performance, but swiftly set aside the tambourine to turn to production. “Sat alone in a dark room listening to the same phrase on repeat? Count me in!” He thought, and so it began. Caspar has worked largely on IVR projects, also delving into the likes of productions for radio and advertising.

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Arthur Tisseront

Gaming Showreel producer

Arthur is an audio engineer and voice actor based in Virginia, USA. With extensive experience mixing voiceover demo reels with a focus on video games, animation, and commercial work, he’s ready to showcase you at your best – with a unique and interesting mix, every time! Having experience on both the audio engineering and voice acting side of things helps to bring it all together. Arthur works closely with an experienced gaming director and script writer to create top-notch gaming reels.

Cooking, Electronic Music, Video Games

Loud noises, Alcohol

Rich O’Donoghue

showreel producer

Rich is an audio producer, voice director, script writer and VO industry hustler. He has honed his skills over the last 20 years and helps bring a sparkle to some of RichCraft’s demos. Rich can also be heard as a voice over on commercials, corporates and across most forms of recorded media.

Likes: Single Malt Whiskey, cycling, family life.

Traffic, party games, being told off.

Pollyanna Druce

Junior Assistant, Spider Wrangler, Top Tea Maker

Polly lends an extra hand to Tanya and Alicia. She takes the pressure off and keeps us smiling!

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Chas Rowe


Chas is a former broadcast journalist for Europe’s largest commercial radio group, so he’s well versed in writing targeted copy for different audiences. Chas loves languages and accents – and has the paper to prove it (a BA in French and German).  In some ways he’s overqualified, but as a voice-over artist, Chas continues to work on his VO skills with Tanya. Well, nobody’s perfect.

NBA basketball (watching), golf (playing), skipping

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