Me and my team

Tanya Rich

Voiceover, Coach, Mentor

Tanya Rich has 2 ALAM qualifications (Associate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic art – LAMDA) – In drama performance and prose and an LLAM (Licentiate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic art – LAMDA). She also has 30 years of experience working within the voice over industry. Tanya is one of the rare voice coaches who actually works in all elements of the industry every single day! 

Her coaching methods bring out the best in all her students. She doesn’t do pre-recorded courses, just bespoke coaching based on your individual skills/needs. This gets the best results and her ‘learning tools’ have to be seen to be believed!

She is also a jobbing voice over artist who has been in the business for over 30 years.

In 2012 she was asked to develop a course module for BA Acting students at Bath Spa University. The module ‘Acting for Microphone’ is taught to third year students annually. It encompasses commercial delivery as well as radio drama. In week 7, students get the opportunity to work in a professional foley studio to record where Tanya directs and assesses their final voice reel. This is a marked module and goes towards part of their final degree.

Potential RichCraft students are auditioned before they begin training with RichCraft, as she believes in only working with people that have true potential in the industry. She is very honest and doesn’t set you up to fail.

Most of her private students now work in various areas of the VO industry. If you ‘have what it takes’ she will teach you, improve your delivery, and help you put together your demo, as well as as well as advise you on all aspects of the industry.

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No man is an island and neither is Tanya Rich. But if she lived on one, she would definitely be helped by her merry band of fellow, friendly, fun islanders.

Alicia Pollard

Voiceover coach

Alicia spent a year and a half training with Tanya to be a VoiceOver coach. She achieved a first class BA Honours degree in Acting from Bath Spa university, which is where she first started working with Tanya. She will help students to voiceover to kick their bad voice habits and master the VoiceOver basics. 

Alicia also keeps things ticking over here at Rich Mansions and stops Tanya from drowning in a sea of paperwork. She is also our chief rib-tickler, top handwriting analyst and all around good-time girl!

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Bob Lawrence

Voiceover and coach

Apart from a short spell as an Art Student, Bob has spent his whole life working in radio and audio.

Voicing on tv shows for Ant & Dec, Keith Lemon, Countryfile and two series’ of Dancing on Ice, producing award winning commercials, managing radio stations, DJ’ing and writing and producing spots for names such as Harvey Goldsmith, Live Nation and Kennedy Street has given him an all-rounder’s view of broadcasting.

He has a genuine love of radio and, in particular, the art of the promo and radio trail.

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Greg Marston

Voiceover and coach

Greg always wanted to be a pop/rock singer/guitarist. That or an actor, having trodden a few boards in his time performing improv-comedy as well as singing in all sorts of bands, including two 20 piece big-band jazz/swing outfits.

But anyway, he became a voice-over artist instead – via a 15 year career as a radio presenter, host, interviewer, journalist, announcer, newsreader, music director and, of course, DJ!

Born and bred in Bristol for the first 13 years of his life, he migrated to Australia where, through his love of music and radio, he landed his dream job in broadcasting in the early 80’s.

His first “proper” paid voice-over was for a land-release sale in Western Australia circa 1984 and, since then, he’s read virtually every type of script imaginable, working from recording studios, both professional and “home”, all around the world, returning to the UK and voicing exclusively for a living as of the mid 90’s.

Greg brings to the World of RichCraft some quite specific skills, in addition to regular voice-over, particularly in the areas of Radio and TV branding, imaging and continuity (the GWR Group, Classic FM UK, LBC London, and the FOX Network Middle East to name a few), documentaries, narration, corporate, explainers, e-learning, IVR’s and, of course, Radio and TV commercials.

He and Tanya worked together, establishing one of the UK’s first voice-over coaching courses, when they first knew one another in the mid 90’s and, since then, Greg has been involved in a number of coaching scenarios, including personal training, student training and presentations.

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Eamon Haughian

Vocal Coach
Eamon trained as a professional actor at East 15 Acting School, and specialised in Voice on the MA Voice Studies course at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. He has worked as a freelance voice coach for professional theatre companies like the Royal Shakespeare Company. Eamon has also worked as a freelance voice and text tutor at a number of conservatoire actor training programs, including the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, Italia Conti, and the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.
While continuing to work as a freelance voice coach for private clients, Eamon is currently a Senior Lecturer of Voice on the BA Acting course at Bath Spa University.

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Jennifer Mitchell

Vocal Coach

Jennifer trained at the Royal Academy of Music, London and Birmingham School of Acting She is a Licente of the Royal Academy of Music, specialising in Musical Theatre. She is also a certified Master Trainer in The Estill Voice Model and lectures in Vocal Anatomy and Physiology.

Over the years her work has varied between practising in all things voice, as well as professional performance work; including singing with icons such as Brian May, Elton John and Andrea Bocelli, participating in original cast recordings and session work as well as teaching vocal studies around the country. Jennifer is the proud founder and director of Midlands Voice Clinic in which she is a vocal consultant/specialist, lecturer and delivers specialist courses on the voice.

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Helen Lloyd

Audiobook coach

Helen’s background is in acting. She trained at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama and spent the first fifteen years of working life as a professional actor mainly in theatre with bits of TV, Radio and Film. 

In the early 1980s Helen moved into television, initially as a presenter and continuity announcer for ITV Central before⁣ moving behind the camera as a researcher, then as a producer of factual programmes, while at the same time⁣ building a freelance career as a voice actor. Helen took redundancy from⁣ ITV twenty years later and briefly returned to her roots as an actor and theatre producer and director; she taught Audio⁣ and Television Acting and was head of learning at Derby Playhouse for two years before returning to voice work full⁣ time.⁣

Since 2013 most of Helen’s work has been as an audiobook narrator and has recorded more than a hundred⁣ audiobooks since 2013; all but four of which were self-recorded remotely from her personal professional recording⁣ space.


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Richard Laing

Public speaking, acting for camera and self tape coach

Richard has worked as an actor for over 30 years and has spent most of that time in front of a camera. He continues to have an exciting and prolific career in Film and Television, appearing in many high profile productions such as Game Of Thrones, The Batman Trilogy and Netflix’s drama, The Last Czars and the upcoming drama Industry, amongst many others.

Coaching is his passion. He has taught Voice and Communication skills and Camera Technique across the UK and even as far as India. He is both at home, working with large corporate clients and small businesses.
He believes the key to outstanding communication, lies in self-awareness and honesty and encourages his clients to challenge their beliefs and embrace change; so that they can authentically own the space they inhabit and hold any room with grace, confidence, passion and presence.

He has taught vocal and camera techniques to clients within wide-ranging organisations including Merrill Lynch, Squire Patton Boggs, Blake Morgan & Société Generale.


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Amanda Hufford

Gaming and Animation coach

Amanda is a lifelong performer based in Texas (USA) with a background in stage and musical theatre and has spent the last 8 years working exclusively in Voice Over. In that time, she has worked closely with productions from AAA studios to growing indie upstarts, particularly in animation and video games, not only as a Voice Actor but also as a project manager, community outreach admin, casting director and vocal director.

Currently, she is a manager at Carnaria Voice Talent Agency as well as Red Fathom Productions, and leads direction and casting for various games and series currently in development. She also directs and produces Video Game and Animation demos for Voice Actors of all skill levels, utilizing an in depth process that is tailored to the individual actor. Working closely alongside the team’s experienced Audio Engineer and Scriptwriter, her methods ensure a strong, engaging performance and a marketable sound.

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Jo Lee

Singing Coach

Joanna Lee lives in Chelmsford, Essex and has had an Extensive Career in musical theatre, live performance and recording that has spanned over Twenty Years! She is a fantastic professional singer with an amazing CV as well as an experienced singing coach.

Jo teaches privately at home but will also travel if necessary. She tutors on a One to One Basis. Her singing lessons are very relaxed and a lot of fun; always focused on singing for pleasure whilst building a solid technique. 

Singing is paired perfectly with voice over, as it enables you to improve on your breathing, understand rhythm and works wonders on a tense jaw.

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The Two Marketeers

Phillip Banks

Marketing coach

A cruel twist of fate in 1989 thrust him into the heady world of Voice Over work. “Is that a thing?” Apparently it was and it remains “a thing!”

Where now? Philip is a full Equity member and has been making a living as a Voice Over for over 30 years. Credits include, Disney, CNN, CNBC, BBC, The Horror Channel, Star Wars – Rogue 1 and St Kilda Hospital Radio to name but 3.

A Coach? Not a Voice Over Coach per se but a Business Coach for Voice Over people. Taught in person in Los Angeles, New York, Harrisburg PA, Asheville NC and now mostly online via Skype. Your art will satisfy your soul, your business will pay your bills.

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Lizzie Jobling

Marketing coach
Lizzie is a full time voice actor and VO business and marketing coach based from her studio in Surrey. 
Utilizing her family’s expertise in marketing, accountancy, and the creative industry, as well as her own experience of being a full time voice actor and qualified coach, Lizzie delivers a number comprehensive modules covering all things voice industry related. From how to begin marketing yourself, online presence, setting up your home studio to bookkeeping and invoicing, Lizzie‘s attention to detail will leave no stone unturned.

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Producer Wizards

Eddie Delag

Sound engineer, Writer, Showreel wizard

EDsound is a bespoke showreel producer and broadcast production specialist. Every aspect, from script creation to the final mix, is designed to get the best results. Nothing is off-the-shelf and no corners are cut. EDsound has over 20 years’ experience in broadcast media and uses the knowledge gained to achieve very consistent and high quality sound.              

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Caspar Browne

IVR showreel producer

Caspar is an audio producer, specialising in VO & soundscapes. He began his audio career in performance, but swiftly set aside the tambourine to turn to production. “Sat alone in a dark room listening to the same phrase on repeat? Count me in!” He thought, and so it began. Caspar has worked largely on IVR projects, also delving into the likes of productions for radio and advertising.

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Garrett Neal

American Showreel producer

Garrett is a seasoned Producer, Audio Engineer, Composer and Writer. After graduating from McNally Smith College of Music in 2001, Garrett took a job at SpeakEasy Productions in Baltimore, MD and thus began his career in the audio industry. Since then, Garrett has gone on to produce, record and compose numerous works in both the voiceover and music fields. His work has been featured on MTV, VH1, HBO, ABC, Disney, Netflix, NPR and NBC among many others.


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Andy Stone

Showreel producer

Based in Bournemouth, Producer_Andy (Andy Stone) has been in media for many years.  He started at the local radio station in 1993 as a gopher and worked his way up through the media ranks – experiencing life as an Audio Controller, Presenter, Imaging Producer, Commercial Producer, Nightclub DJ across the UK and abroad and Audio Engineer. Many of his productions have been heard on radio and TV stations across the UK and Ireland, have been featured in trade magazines in the USA and have won awards.



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Mystery Producer

Guest Producer

Here at RichCraft, we like our students to work with as many industry professionals as possible as part of their coaching experience. We will be bringing in more guest producers to do our famous ‘Meet the Producer’ challenge as well as other live webinars. Subscribe to our emails to find out about upcoming event with guest producers.

Arthur Tisseront

Gaming Showreel producer

Arthur is an audio engineer and voice actor based in Virginia, USA. With extensive experience mixing voiceover demo reels with a focus on video games, animation, and commercial work, he’s ready to showcase you at your best – with a unique and interesting mix, every time! Having experience on both the audio engineering and voice acting side of things helps to bring it all together. Arthur works closely with an experienced gaming director and script writer to create top-notch gaming reels.

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Anjali Kunapaneni

Gaming Showreel Writer
Anjali is a writer and voice actor based in Virginia, USA. They are a student of Public Policy and Creative Writing at Duke University and a voiceover nut. You can hear their voice in a number of video games, animations, and commercials. Anjali is a storyteller through and through, and as a resident demo script writer, they are committed to helping you tell a rich range of stories to showcase your talents and skill.

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Amanda Hufford

Gaming Showreel Director

Amanda is a manager at Carnaria Voice Talent Agency as well as Red Fathom Productions, and leads direction and casting for various games and series currently in development. She also directs and produces Video Game and Animation demos for Voice Actors of all skill levels, utilizing an in depth process that is tailored to the individual actor. Working closely alongside the team’s experienced Audio Engineer and Scriptwriter, her methods ensure a strong, engaging performance and a marketable sound.

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Office Angels

Chas Rowe


Chas is a former broadcast journalist for Europe’s largest commercial radio group, so he’s well versed in writing targeted copy for different audiences. Chas loves languages and accents – and has the paper to prove it (a BA in French and German).  In some ways he’s overqualified, but as a voice-over artist, Chas continues to work on his VO skills with Tanya. Well, nobody’s perfect.


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