The Rich List

Over her many years of voice coaching, Tanya has made many show reels using the criteria that students have to be genuinely able to reproduce everything on their reel, understand the recording process and must be savage editors. This talent page showcases some of those students, all of whom have broadcast quality studios and come with a highly recommended stamp of approval from Tanya Rich’s Richcraft. 

DSC_9954 - Bethany Jane

Name: Bethany Jane
Reel Style: Commercial
Voice Age: 20-45

Voice Type: Fresh, Bright, Youthful, Cool, Vibrant

Name: Ben Wake 
Reel Style: Commercial
Voice Age: 20s – 30s

Voice Type: Friendly, Warm, Conversational

Name: Emma Topping
Reel Style: Commercial 
Voice Age: Middle Age

Voice Type: Reassuring, textured, deep, trusting

Name: Sarah Bowers
Reel Style: Commercial
Voice Age: late teen – 30s

Voice Type: Reassuring, Clear and bright

Kate De Quidt_Headshot 2023_Low Res-5 (1)

Name: Kate de Quidt
Reel Style: Commercial
Voice Age: 25 – 40

Voice Type: Clear, Warm, Friendly, Reassuring

Michael Everhard headshot (1)

Name: Michael Everhard
Reel Style: Corporate narration, eLearning
Voice Age: 25 – 50

Voice Type: Warm, Trustworthy, Authentic

Jennifer Lanham tiny

Name: Jennifer Lanham (American VO)
Reel Style: Commercial
Voice Age: 25 – 55

Voice Type: Friendly, Sensitive, Warm, Nurturing, Intelligent, Upbeat

LorraineK Vo Voquent - Gabriel and Lorraine

Name: Lorraine Kamenou
Reel Style: Commercial, corporate – East Midlands
Voice Age: Adult, 40s, 50s

Voice Type: Clearly Spoken, Bright, Warm, Authoritative, Assured, Informative, Confident

237A3942 - Aubrey Parsons

Name: Aubrey Parsons
Reel Style: Commercial, Corporate
Voice Age: 30’s to 90’s

Voice Type: Warm, Gravely, Welsh accent 

Carla Terry profile pic 2 (1)

Name: Carla Terry
Reel Style: Commercial
Voice Age: 30 – 50

Voice Type: Relatable, Approachable, Rich


Name: Hannah Gardiner
Reel Style: Commercial
Voice Age: 18 – 45

Voice Type: Sensual, Upbeat, Compelling, Authentic


Name: Chas Rowe
Reel Style: UK radio commercials
Voice Age: Late teens, 20s, 30s

Voice Type: Natural, Youthful, Warm, Friendly, Modern, Classy, Professional, Urgent, Energetic

Alix_Perry_Headshot - Alix Perry

Name: Alix Perry 
Reel Style: Commercial, Radio Imaging & Promo and Gaming
Voice Age: Young Child. Young Adult. Adult 25 – 40

Voice Type: Sultry, Dynamic & Versatile

*Reel not produced by RichCraft

Kwesi Mcleod headshot

Name: Kwesi McLeod
Reel Style: IVR/On-hold 
Voice Age: 25-50

Voice Type: Resonate, Smooth, Down-to-earth

CR 1 - RichCraft VOC

Name: Charlotte Cracknell
Reel Style: Commercial
Voice Age: 20-40

Voice Type: Friendly, Bright, Cheeky, Engaging

Screenshot_20230517_201732_Outlook (1)

Name: Fiona MacKinnon
Reel Style: Corporate, eLearning
Voice Age: 8 – 80 

Voice Type: Commanding, Trustworthy, Assured, Warm, Informative, Confident 

IMG_2573 - Stefan Gleisner (1) (1)

Name: Stefan Gleisner
Reel Style: Commercial
Voice Age: 30 – 60

Voice Type: Engaging, Relatable, Convincing

Charlotte Dalton Headshot (1)

Name: Charlotte Dalton
Reel Style: Commercial
Voice Age: 20 – 40

Voice Type: Bright, Young, Friendly