The Rich List

Over her many years of voice coaching, Tanya has made many show reels using the criteria that students have to be genuinely able to reproduce everything on their reel, understand the recording process and must be savage editors. This talent page showcases some of those students, all of whom have broadcast quality studios and come with a highly recommended stamp of approval from Tanya Rich’s Richcraft. 


Name: Caz Duthie
Reel Style: Commercial and Corporate
Voice Age: 19-30

Voice Type: Relatable, girl-next-door, bright


Name: Adam Stubbs
Reel Style: Commercial
Voice Age: 20s-30s

Voice Type: Warm, friendly, relaxing, natural


Name: Shakira Shute
Reel Style: Commercial Reel
Voice Age: Adult/Young adult

Voice Type: Smooth, warm, velvety, energetic


Name: Jo Lee
Reel Style: Commercial, IVR, Corporate/eLearning
Voice Age: Adult/middle aged

Voice Type: Friendly, warm, bright, energetic, professional


Name: Verity Panter
Reel Style: Commercial, Corporate/eLearning
Voice Age: 25-45

Voice Type: Engaging, bright, warm, silky


Name: Richard Laing
Reel Style: Commercial, Corporate
Voice Age: 40-50

Voice Type: Rich, deep, reassuring, authoritative, warm and sincere 

*Reels not produced by RichCraft


Name: Chas Rowe
Reel Style: Commercial
Voice Age: Late teens, 20s, 30s

Voice Type: Natural, youthful, friendly, modern, professional


Name: Max Macallan
Reel Style: Commercial/Corporate, IVR
Voice Age: Young to middle age

Voice Type: Clear, Warm, Eloquent, Trustworthy and Scottish


Name: Sally Walker-Taylor
Reel Style: Commercial
Voice Age: Teens, 20s, 30s

Voice Type: Bright, youthful, clean, versatile