Student Stories

RichCrafts’s voice over students comes from many walks of life, voice related and not. Here is a selection of endorsements that will give you an idea about our unique coaching style.

The Singer

Joanna Lee

I wanted voice coaching as I reached a point in my career as a Musical Theatre actress where I wanted to change direction and move into VO. Despite being an expert level singer and vocal coach, experienced actress and had incredibly won a One Voice Award for my animation reel, I was still struggling to get work as a voiceover artist. 

Joanna Lee student

This is a different industry and I needed to understand how it worked, I needed to start from scratch. I was aware that I couldn’t just figure it out for myself, I had to know what was expected of me, the different genres and styles I would need to master. I wanted to learn about every aspect of the VO industry so I could approach my work in the best and most professional manner. As a newcomer to the industry, I was hoping I could forge a good relationship with Tanya and find someone I could turn to for help, advice and guidance as I felt a little like a duck out of water.

Training is an investment and it was important for me to choose the right person who I respected as an artist and who I felt I could connect to. I did a lot of online research and narrowed it down to a shortlist of worldwide top tutors. I asked for recommendations after a great deal of thought, I decided that Tanya would be the right tutor for me. Also I was subscribed to Gravy For The Brain where Tanya occasionally mentors. She had responded very positively to some of my work so I thought I might be safe with her!

I was more confident with my acting ability but unsure as to the different styles required for commercials, corporates, IVR etc. I had a lot of questions to ask as to what certain terms and expressions meant. I’d also been auditioning a fair amount on the P2P (pay to play) sites and just not getting anywhere at all and I hoped she could point out where I was going wrong.

I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Tanya. She’s fascinating, lovely and so talented – a real inspiration for me. I had a couple of Zoom sessions but decided that travelling to Bath would be more beneficial where we could really work in depth. Tanya was always positive but constructive, encouraging but realistic. I came away from each session feeling uplifted and motivated

I now have a solid understanding of what is expected from each script, Tanya teaches from the heart so I feel she went above and beyond, really helping me understand my voice and identify my strengths and weaknesses. I now feel ready to take on the industry. My confidence has grown and I now have the tools to approach my work professionally and hold my head up alongside other pros. I must add that I’m certainly getting more work now.

Jessica Meial actor

The Actor

Jessica Melia

As a professional Actor it is important to have as many strings to your bow as possible; branching into Acting for Microphone not only gave me a valuable new skill set, it refreshed my understanding of and appreciation for vocal techniques in other areas of my work.

It is important to me that I feel comfortable while working one on one and Tanya is a consummate professional and a genuinely warm person. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise speak for themselves. What sold me on choosing her as a coach, was her ability to put me at ease and instill me with confidence.

Tanya is an effervescent person and her tutoring style really reflects that. Her approach is engaging, challenging and rewarding. During our sessions we covered monologues, plays and commercials. I have always been a confident performer, but having never really worked for microphone specifically I was a little at a loss as to where to begin because the technicalities and the demands of the world of Voice Over were a steep learning curve!

Tanya instilled both a skill set and a confidence within me that I carry into all Voice Over work and professional circumstances. I also have the confidence to apply for a broad range of VO briefs, knowing I have the skill set and ability to complete each job to a high quality, professional standard.

I accomplished what I had set out to achieve: A professional and work-ready skill set and attitude, as well as a completed audio reel. I got everything I wanted and more; I gained a wonderful relationship with Tanya and I had accomplished what I had set out to. I feel prepared to work in the ‘real world’; I also know that should I ever need or want to refresh my skill set or work on a new reel, then I have a coach to come back to. I am grateful to this day not only for her coaching but for her continued support of my career. I was very satisfied with my coaching sessions and would highly recommend Tanya to anyone looking to work in the VO world.

The Student

Maddy Parkes

Tanya is an industry professional who leads the Acting for Microphone module at Bath Spa University. This was a module that I undertook as part of my Acting course at Bath Spa University. As I had not experienced acting for microphone , I decided that this [module] would allow me to explore the requirements needed for this particular type of work and develop my versatility within the acting profession.

Maddy Parkes student

I had no previous experience of acting for microphone; I was hoping to acquire an introduction to the techniques required for successful voice over and an understanding of how to implement these.

I was fairly nervous initially , however, Tanya immediately put me at ease. [During our one-to-ones] I felt very comfortable working with Tanya. She was very approachable, where I felt at ease to ask any questions and discuss any concerns I had. Her feedback was always delivered in a constructive manner, allowing for further discussion and guidance on ways to further progress. 

In this module I learned the skills required for this medium of performance, including microphone technique, script marking, recording booth etiquette and understanding the professional function of a voiceover artist and being able to apply this to a range of scenarios. After being taught by Tanya, I have gained confidence in all of these areas, and now feel I have the tools to be able to explore this profession further.

I felt that I had developed very well throughout the process and Due to Tanya’s support, I could see myself growing week by week in this discipline. Tanya has helped set fim foundations on which to build. I feel that my skills have greatly developed during the process; my technical ability has improved together with my listening ability.

I was very happy with my coaching sessions. I found Tanya to be very approachable and offered clear guidance on areas for improvement. My progress from the beginning of the process, to the end could clearly be seen and I feel this was down to Tanya’s expert tuition! The coaching has made me a more versatile actor, and has allowed me to consider this as an avenue for a future career.

Mike Cooper pro

The Pro

Mike Cooper

Tanya has a reputation for being one of the go-to voices for IVR, and she’s been doing it for a long time. During our sessions we worked on IVR work, and the particular approach compared to corporate/commercial.

Tanya was able to tell me what I was getting right and where I needed to make small adjustments to better fit the genre. I made my own showreel and Tanya gave me feedback and advice to tweak it to where it needed to be. Once we were done, I felt much better-equipped for future work, and this gave me the confidence to put together a reel and start to approach producers. Since working with Tanya, I’ve made it onto at least two IVR producers’ rosters and I’m looking forward to working with them.

I was very happy with the coaching and would recommend Tanya as a coach. She has a no-nonsense approach and provides honest, useful feedback for improvement where necessary.

The Beginner

Sally Walker-Taylor

I looked into voice coaching to see if I could return to acting via voice acting – whether I had any real suitability/potential initially, and then to learn the craft!

Sally Walker-Taylor student

The initial reason I chose Tanya as a coach was geographic – I wanted to work with someone in person rather than remotely if possible and Tanya is nearby, but I did further research and realised that happily she was also the best option for coaching! I wanted someone who would be brutally honest with me rather than someone careful of my feelings. As well as someone who would give me constructive feedback, real ways to improve and take me to a level where I could start to work with confidence.

Before I started my coaching sessions I was rather full of trepidation, but mainly excited! After I started working with Tanya I felt I was making noticeable progress, getting feedback on what I could work on and spending time in Tanya’s fabulous company to boot! We worked on Basic voice and mic technique, physicality and commercial reads. I made my commercial reel with Tanya and was delighted with it.

On reflection I feel I am much improved and more confident. If I had more money I would absolutely not ‘finish’ coaching with Tanya, but keep it up continuously as there is always more to learn and improve. But it provided me with a brilliant kickstart for those sessions I could afford.

Our sessions have allowed me to start auditioning and working as a part-time VO with confidence. I am slowly building up my body of professional work in order to become a full time VO. I am Extremely satisfied with my coaching from Tanya.

Chas Rowe newsreader

The Newsreader

Chas Rowe

I had always wanted to be a voice-over artist because I always had a natural talent for languages and accents. I wanted voice coaching as I wanted reassurance from a professional voice-over artist that I was right in my thinking that I had what it takes to be a voice over. I was looking for one-to-one support and tutelage to help turn my potential into paid work.

When choosing a coach, essentially, I got lucky by searching for ”voice-over artist” and ”Bath”. I was living locally at the time and was looking for a professional voice-over artist to give me feedback on my voice-over demos. But I later learned that Tanya isn’t just a voice-over artist who is based in Bath. She is, in fact, a highly experienced voice-over artist and singer, who is able to teach vocal skills at a high level.

I was pleased that all the effort I had put into my first accents and characters demo (which I wrote and produced myself) had paid off and that I had secured a meeting and chat with Tanya. I was keen to get started. I was hoping to get reassurance and positive encouragement that I had the raw talent to develop and formalise my skills. I was also hoping that if Tanya personally endorsed me, I might have a good chance of getting work.

I got the confidence boost and encouragement that I needed (and I was also told what I needed to work on). I was given honest feedback, which was invaluable as I was keen to improve. During our coaching sessions we worked on straight reads and emoting. Tanya felt I was bottling up emotion and was a bit stiff, so we worked on stretching my expressiveness and finding my authentic voice. Learning to be myself – and to like myself – was a challenge, as I had been rather used to being someone else and playing around with characters for a long time.

The by-product of my voice-over coaching with Tanya was that it enhanced my radio news reading skills, making me an in-demand freelancer and full-time member of staff at radio stations in Bristol, Cardiff and London. Tanya’s tutelage sharpened my skills in tone of voice, which is important when using the right words to tell stories to different audiences. I also became a better critic of my own work and was able to identify areas to work on, without having them pointed out to me. Effectively, Tanya’s coaching kept me in radio news for another 10 years, after I had initially reached out to her.

I was happy with my coaching sessions. I would [also] be happy to do more to check where I’m at with my skill level. Since working with Tanya I have been able to secure professional voice-over work for several years.