Do You Have Specific Teaching Qualifications?

Tanya has 2 ALAM qualifications (Associate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic art – LAMDA) in drama performance and prose and an LLAM (Licentiate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic art – LAMDA). Both Tanya and Greg also have 30 years of experience working within the voice over industry. They used to have a coaching business together in the early 90s. Greg also has taught in academic institutions internationally. Alicia has been teaching on and off since the age of 18 and spent two years training with Tanya to coach the RichCraft method.

How Do I Know If I Have What It Takes To Be A Voice Over Artist?

You don’t, we do! We can tell just by listening to you speak whether you have natural voice over talent, and we can tell how you will sound when you are recorded. But even if it isn’t immediately obvious that you could work as a VO, if you have something that we can work with, and you are prepared to put the work in, you will be amazed how you can change.

Where Do You Hold Your Lessons?

In my studio based in Bath*. Tanya has a professional ISDN studio that she uses to work in. However, if you can’t get to Bath, all of our coaches also coach via Zoom or Skype. You will need a video camera for this. We do not coach over the phone.

*all session currently run online until further notice due to the pandemic.

What If I Already Have A Voice Reel?

If you have a voice reel already, we offer an appraisal service for £30.00 per show reel. As part of this service we will give you detailed feedback and advise you on how to proceed.

Do You Offer Monologue Coaching?

Yes, we offer coaching for both recorded and stage performance. We teach monologue acting for A-Level and B-Tech Drama, university and drama school students, as well as freelance actors.

Do I Need To Have A ‘Good’ Voice To Be A Voice Over?

It is preferable, however, if you are committed and put in the work and practice there is no reason your voice should be an issue. A regional accent is good, and if you have issues with your diction, our coaches can correct that. However, if you have any slight speech defects, we work alongside two dedicated vocal coaches.