Work with RichCraft

RichCraft offers a range of services, which you can see below. For coaching, we either work in person with you at RichCraft studios or via Zoom video. We must be able to see you in order to coach you effectively. However, we only look at you with our ears whilst you are voicing! So no stage fright! Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at some testimonials from other students to get a genuine account of what it’s like to work with RichCraft.


£25 / €30 / $35

RichCraft only coach new voices by audition (there is a different criteria for established VOs).

How it works

If you are serious about considering voice coaching, you will be sent two contrasting scripts which you will need to record and send back. You do not need any professional recording equipment to do this, you can do it on your phone!

Once the demos have been returned, we will review them. We are listening to the way you naturally interpret the script as well as your diction, inflection and vocal quality. We also use the demo’s you send back as a basis to plan your first lesson.

After your audition

After we have listened to your demos, we will email you about how to proceed. Although not everyone is suited to all types of voice over, it can be worth exploring what type may suit you.

One-to-One Sessions

Zoom Coaching Prices
50 minutes – £120 / €140 / $150
1 hour 20 minutes – £180 / €180 / $220
In person coaching prices
60 minutes – £150 / €175 / $190
1 hour 30 minutes – £225 / €260 / $285

Whether you are an aspiring voice over, a podcast presenter, lecturer, solicitor or even a scientist! You may want to improve your voice. We create customised lessons to fit your needs that suit any and all professions.

Some things you can expect to cover in one-to-one sessions: confidence, script interpretation, visualisation techniques, training your ears, self editing, breathing techniques, characterisation, accents, pronunciation, the Rule of Three and Five, lists, mic technique, taking and acting on direction, professional studio etiquette, as well as top tips for kitting out your own home studio, if applicable. We will also advise you about marketing yourself as a professional voice over artist.

RichCraft coaches are 'empathic' teachers, giving their coaching an extra dimension.

 We will hone into things about you that are possibly interfering with your delivery etc. Here’s an example…

A student was voicing an explainer video text, which began with the sentence ‘Say hello to Sally.’ This student who was normally very consistent, kept making this sound really miserable instead of welcoming. Tanya realised very quickly that the problem was with the name Sally. He didn’t like it! She asked him to change Sally to his favourite girl’s name, and when he did the read was perfect!’ He was then able to read the correct name , which of course the client would insist upon!

RichCraft coaching is not a 'one size fits all' style of teaching.

Everyone is different, therefore, everyone needs a different approach. This will bring out the best in students and make them into confident voices. Our coaches have tried and trusted methods that will stay with you long after you have flown the Richcraft nest!

Technical Advice

Level up your voiceover technical skills! We understand that navigating the vast sea of voiceover technical information can be overwhelming and even contradictory. But fear not, because we’ve got your back with personalized 1-2-1 sessions tailored to your specific needs.
Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned pro, you can book either a 30- or 60-minute session to delve into exactly what you want to learn or improve upon. Get ready for an immersive experience where we cover it all: equipment selection, setup, mastering your gear, microphone techniques, editing prowess, rates, how to find work, and everything else you crave to know!
RichCraft Coach Greg Marston is a true voiceover virtuoso. With over 30 years of experience, he has traversed the globe and mastered the art of recording, editing, and delivering exceptional audio to clients worldwide.
Greg is a bona fide expert when it comes to microphones, stands, pop-filters, interfaces, headphones, recording/editing software, acoustics—you name it, he’s got the know-how. When you book a session with Greg, you’re not just gaining insights, suggestions, and answers, but you’re also tapping into the wealth of “how to” knowledge from a trusted industry professional.
Ready to paint a vivid ‘aural’ (and oral) picture of success in the voiceover realm? Don’t miss the opportunity to book a session with Greg, dedicated solely to mastering the technical side of the voiceover business. Let’s elevate your skills and bring your voiceover game to new heights!

Refresher Services

45 minutes – £120 / €140 / $150

Whether you have been voicing professionally for a while and want to get more work, work in an area where you are not confident , need a confidence boost or you have just missed working with me! A refresher session may be just what you need to get you back on top of your game. 

Tanya voiced her first paid voice over job in 1985 (she was a child..!) and has been working consistently and successfully ever since. She has learned to adapt her style to keep her at the top of her game. She works daily in many areas and styles of voice over despite the voice over industry becoming more saturated. She is one of a handful of professional voice coaches who is actually a working voice over.

Let Us Feel Your Reel

Prices from £30 / €30 / $40

Your showreel is a representation of what you can do as a voice over. You should also be able to replicate all the reads on that reel. It should showcase you at your best as well as show off your range. A showreel also tells clients that you can voice any job as well as the demos on your reel.

If you feel your reel isn’t getting you the work you want, we offer a showreel feedback service. We will give detailed feedback  on your showreel and make recommendations on how to improve it. If you would like to make any changes to your reel with RichCraft this can be arranged. The price is subject to the amount of work/reels necessary.

Video Reel Services

video Reel - £225

Getting your reel done is the culmination of a lot of hard work, so why not make it even better?  A bespoke video to accompany and accent your voiceover reel adds another layer of polish, helping you stand out from the crowd!  In these days of Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, people are engaging with video content more and more, so it’s why not add it to your marketing arsenal?

Firstly, Matt will have a short consultation call with you (approximately 30 minutes long) where he can explain the process, listen to your reel and discuss what you want your video to look like.  This way he can incorporate your own branding into the video, making it truly represent you. 

Next, Matt will put a together a video draft for you to view and decide if you like the vibe or wish to make any changes.  Then, he’ll whip it into shape and soon you’ll have a brand spanking new promotional video!

For individual samples please enquire.

Director Services

15 mins – £36 / €35 / $40
30 mins – £60 / €65 / $75
Longer sessions are available on request

Do you ever dread a client or director dialling in to direct you while you voce a job? A lot of voice overs are used to self directing and completing jobs in their own time. Being adaptable and responsive to a director will not only give you a great reputation as a voice over that can deliver, but will also broaden the amount of jobs that you can do.

Improve your confidence working with directors and producers

If you want to improve on your listening skills, your versatility and your ability to follow direction and change where necessary when being directed we can help! We will dial in using CleanFeed and direct you while you voice a script/s that you have not had much time to prepare . This type of coaching will improve your ability to interpret copy, breath control, adaptability, timing and vocal adaptiveness.