Building Confidence

Overcoming Directed-Session Anxiety with Mental Preparation

Hey there, aspiring voiceover stars! We've all been there – heart racing, palms sweaty, and a bundle of nerves as your directed session looms closer. But fear not, because conquering session anxiety is all about mental preparation. Let's start with some game-changing quick tips that'll have you striding into your vocal booth with confidence!

3 Pre-Session Preparation Tips

  1. Embrace Your Inner Cheerleader
    Picture this: you're in front of the mirror, pep-talking yourself like you're your own coach. (My students tell me all the time that they imagine the look on my face, or think, “What would Tanya say right now?”) It might feel a bit silly, but trust me, it works wonders! Shower yourself with positivity, affirming your skills and worthiness. Remember, you've got a unique voice that's itching to shine!

  2. Visualize Your Success
    Close your eyes and imagine it – you're standing in front of the mic, delivering lines flawlessly. Visualization is like a mental rehearsal that tricks your brain into thinking you've already aced the session. It's like having a secret preview of your success!

  3. Pre-Session Rituals to Soothe the Butterflies
    You know those pre-session jitters? They're totally normal. But you can tame them by establishing rituals that calm your nerves. It could be anything from deep breathing exercises to a quick dance to your favorite tune. Rituals act as a safety net – a familiar place that reminds you that you've got this!

You're not alone if you've been shaking in your boots before directed sessions. That's why these little tricks exist – to help you shake off the anxiety and show your true potential. Remember, every voiceover artist has their own unique journey, and nervousness is just a tiny speed bump.

Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty of mental preparation that'll help you banish those session-day jitters once and for all.

Conquering the Directed-Session Jitters: Your Mental Game Plan

Know Your Material Inside Out
Imagine stepping onto a roller coaster blindfolded – pretty terrifying, right? Well, the same goes for directed sessions. The more you know your script, the more confident you'll feel. Study it until the words flow effortlessly.

Now, you might not get the script until the day of the session. That’s okay! Remember RichCraft’s script analysis lessons and put them to full use. If you are a RichCraft student, you have been put through your directed-session paces already, so you are fully prepared to handle this wrinkle!

Embrace the Imperfections
Perfection is overrated, and nobody expects you to be flawless. With the rise of AI voiceovers, it’s more important than ever for you to sound human. And humans are not perfect. Accept that you might stumble or fumble a bit. Embracing imperfections takes the pressure off and allows you to focus on delivering your best.

Positive Self-Talk
Imagine you're chatting with your best friend before their directed session. You wouldn't say to them, "You're going to mess up, and they won't like you." Treat yourself with the same kindness – replace negative thoughts with encouraging ones.

Stay Present in the Moment
Anxiety often creeps in when we're worrying about what might happen. Bring yourself back to the present moment – the script, the mic, and your talent. Focus on the now, and watch the anxiety fade away.

Release Expectations
It's natural to want to impress, but don't let the pressure of impressing overshadow your performance. Release the need for a specific outcome and focus on connecting with your script and delivering your best work – that's all you can control.

Remember, confidence isn't about eliminating all nerves; it's about acknowledging them and showing up anyway. So, take these strategies and weave them into your directed session prep routine. With a bit of mental magic, you'll be ready to dazzle those clients with your unbeatable confidence and talent.

The vocal booth is waiting – armed with your newfound mental tools, you're ready to step in and rock that mic like never before!
RichCraft Students get put through the directed-session wringer in our Meet the Producer sessions during their training. If you are feeling directed-session anxiety, get more info about coaching with RichCraft today!

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