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The Art of Smiling

It’s not as easy as just having a big smile on your face when you voice a script. It’s about finding the right level of warmth that engages the listener, makes the read sound genuine and makes you sound like you care about what you’re talking about. Don’t think of it as a smile, think of it as your ‘Warmth Meter!’

Acting for Microphone

Every year I run the ‘Acting for Microphone’ module for the Acting course at Bath Spa university. We recorded one of our sessions so you can see the level of attention to detail and technique that is required to be a great voice artist. Voice over is a physical thing, it’s not just about having a great voice.

The Natural Read

The Natural Read, this is a style a lot of voice overs are asked to do these days, but so many voices find it difficult to do. Why? Despite it being a natural read, it’s still a performance. It’s about finding a way to make your delivery of the copy sound natural and genuinely connected.


Having problems with your P’s?! Don’t solely rely on a pop shield to protect your mic and recording quality from plosive consonants. Having to edit harsh plosive sounds can affect the quality and flow of your recording. Try this technique to prevent or soften plosives.