Building Confidence

Overcoming Directed-Session Anxiety with Mental Preparation Hey there, aspiring voiceover stars! We’ve all been there – heart racing, palms sweaty, and a bundle of nerves as your directed session looms closer. But fear not, because conquering session anxiety is all about mental preparation. Let’s start with some game-changing quick tips that’ll have you striding into […]

Let’s get Real About Reels

I think I’ve detected a shift in the UK voice-over industry. It might only be a little one. But still, I’m starting to wonder what it signifies. Perhaps we’ll get into that later. Anyway, it began when I became aware of an email from, shall we say, a ‘voice-over-related company’, which was suddenly offering voice-over […]

Tough Love or BS?

Student at the Mic

What to Expect from a Great Voice-Over Coach If you’re serious about pursuing a career in voice acting or looking to improve your skills as a voice actor, then you’ve probably thought about working with a voiceover coach. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Surely you can just go it alone. It’s the 21st Century. […]